• Perform administrative tasks, manage finished materials, control the sources of supplies, procedures for importing and exporting goods in the maintenance department.
    1. Administrative work:
      • Making overtime coupons for the maintenance department
      • Attendance on a monthly basis and follow up with maintenance staff to complete procedures, apply for leave for employee
      • Based on the requirements of materials for PR creation and submission for approval, tracking the ordering process and coordinating work with the supply department to promptly supply materials for production and maintenance
      • Update reports of productivity, downtime and damage of machines
      • Weekly report, month sent BOD report
      • Monitor and implement ISO, 5S of maintenance department
    2. Warehouse management jobs:
      • Manage materials export and import in accordance with the department’s material management process
      • Import and export materials on VMS correctly to meet the financial control and cost management needs of the finance department
      • Classify essential spare parts, Set up Max / Min inventories appropriately in stock to ensure working needs of production, maintenance and other parts with lowest cost may
      • Categorize consumable materials and plan to actively order monthly
      • Coordinate with the technical staff of set-up and up-to-date types of supplies and accessories according to the list for each machine and ensure always reserve in the warehouse with a safe amount for the machine to operate


  • College graduate or higher major in Economics, Accounting, Statistics, Engineering
  • Experience in office administration, production management, warehouse management, storage.
  • At least 1 year experience in the same position
  • Proficiency in office computer
  • Under high pressure
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Please Read Carefully before Applying


  • Degree: College
  • Age: No age limit
  • Form: Official staff


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