We are dedicated to accentuating the splendor of nature’s finest element: Wood



At Vinawood Ltd. we address today’s interior design needs by producing customized wooden decor of highest quality and flair. To enhance the ambiance of an interior space, the furnishings need to be as distinct as the patrons whose movement affirms it.

Understanding how a surrounding can influence an individual’s disposition, Vinawood inspires to enrich your environment with the warmest furnishings so that you always feel your best. As a leading world-wide supplier of wood blind and shutter components, we are proud to offer products in a variety of finishes while satisfying the particular tastes of each customer.

We further welcome all originally exciting ideas our customers envision and commit to transforming them into reality through our versatile production practices and innovative spirit.

Take a walk through our site, discover our products and services and feel free to contact us with further inquiry; Our customer service teams stands by with anticipation.

Who We Are

With over 30 years of expertise in wood manufacturing, we take pride in providing our clients high-quality wooden products. As a leading worldwide supplier of blind and shutter components, serving primarily the United States, Europe and Japan markets, we are committed to developing products with timeless design through socially responsible practices.

Through our proprietary milling and finishing technology, we have the flexibility to produce an array of customized profiles with advanced finishes, including Architectural Wood Moulding and Millwork, Wooden Dowels, Wall Panels and Planks, Floor Boards, S4S, S3S, Door Jambs and Decking.

We’re committed to turning your design into a reality.

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Wood Blinds

Why Choose Us

We have streamlined the product development process to help bring products to market in a timely fashion. Assuring that both technical and aesthetic design meets our client’s specifications, our engineers are experienced in developing a product that has the right balance of beauty and functionality. 

Based in Vietnam, clients have the advantage of importing without the burden of Import Tariffs and benefit with a more diversified supply line. 

With our long history in servicing international markets, we value conducting business with companies that are committed to creating quality products through responsible means. There is no cutting corners. Have the confidence in working with a team of professionals fluent in English with shared mindset and values. 


Our clients span across 50 countries and 6 continents around the globe.