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Wood Blinds

Who We Are

We aim to create customized wooden décor of highest quality and flair. With over 30 years of expertise in wood manufacturing, we take pride in providing our clients high-quality wooden products. As a leading worldwide supplier of blind and shutter components, serving primarily the United States, Europe and Japan markets, we are committed to developing products with timeless design through socially responsible practices.

Offering responsibly harvested timber from North America, Europe and Australia



Based in Vietnam, clients have the advantage of importing without the burden of Import Tariffs and benefit with a more diversified supply line.


With our long history in servicing international markets, have the confidence in working with a team of professionals fluent in English with shared mindset and values.


We have streamlined the product development process to help bring products to market in a timely fashion.

Our Products

Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds and Components

Choose from our catalogue of finishes or develop your own unique look with our design team. Our current collection is comprised of meticulously selected paints and stains, offering a kaleidoscope of warm and bold hues suitable for any space.

Wood Shutters and Components

With a vast range of painted and stained color options, our Shutters in addition to creating an appealing ambience, gives your home or business privacy, light and temperature control.
Wood Shutters

Architectural Wood Mouldings and Mill Work

Choose form a plethora of profiles, finishes and wood species to add extra warmth to your space.

Wooden Wall Panels

Wood Wall Panels accentuates the aesthetics of any living space while honoring the beauty of the most sustainably sourced material: Wood
Wood Panels
Wood Dowels

Wood Dowels and Turnings

Our Dowels are made from quality wood and provides strength and security.

Wooden Floor Boards

Nothing surpasses the classic elegance and warmth of wooden flooring. It not only adds character and enhances appeal of a room, but offers a host of health and environmental benefits.
Wooden Floor Boards

Our Reach

Our products have been installed in over 10 million homes, resorts and offices worldwide. From 6 star resorts to private homes, we take pride in designing products that adds warmth to the room while offering soft cascades of natural light.

Our clients span across 50 countries and 6 continents around the globe.

We have developed over 10,000 custom finishes for our customers, creating a kaleidoscope of warm and bold hues suitable for any space


Vinawood is committed to conducting, sourcing, and manufacturing practices that emphasize sustainable forest management and environmentally friendly finishing.

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